Uniting Annual Report 2020-2021

Message from our Moderator.

Simon Hansford

Moderator of the Uniting Church, Synod of NSW and the ACT

Greetings from the Synod!


As our challenging year draws towards completion, I can hear the echoes of 2020, when we said “2021 will be a better year”. It certainly began that way, then quickly rumbled in an entirely new series of different directions.


The wonderful diversity of our Uniting Church, of which Uniting is a vital part, means that when extraordinary events like pandemics occur, we are addressing an array of communities and the people within them, where one size has never fitted all.”

So, we have prepared and informed, planned and decided, vaccinated and encouraged, danced and juggled our way through the last 12 months, as we did for the previous year. As if there wasn’t already enough to occupy us! Through all of this, Uniting has cared for people across our community, as we always have. I am humbled by the commitment of everyone who serves as part of Uniting, often working in places where risk seems most present, or lives most fragile.


I know how hard Tracey Burton and the Uniting Executive Leadership Team have worked to ensure safety and care in equal measure, always aware of the people whose lives are the reason we are engaged, and of those who support them. It may sound glib, but I pray for Uniting communities regularly, giving thanks to God for you all. In my prayers during these past 2 years, I have been acknowledging how frightening it must have been for so many people, most especially those who were isolated because of age, or health, or other risk factors.


I am honoured to work alongside Uniting in many aspects of the Synod’s work – advocating for justice in drug law reform and climate action, caring for those with disability, creating new possibilities for people who are unemployed, providing home and community for those who are ageing and those who are seeking new forms of family, wrestling through the implications of critical social issues like voluntary assisted dying for people across our community, particularly those who are on the margins.”

I am proud – as is our whole Synod – of the service offered by Uniting throughout our community. Thank you to all the staff, in every aspect of Uniting. The core of our hope is that God is with us in every aspect of our lives. Jesus’ life and ministry was amongst people like us, dealing with the challenges and wonders of living every day. To these lives, Jesus brings healing, life and justice.


May God continue to bless the work and ministry of Uniting, and all those who are part of the Uniting community, whether serving, or being served.


Yours in Christ Jesus,


Simon Hansford

Moderator of the Uniting Church,

Synod of NSW and the ACT