Uniting Annual Report 2019-2020

Cultivating compassionate innovation.

Uniting Clinical Nurse Consultant and Practice Excellence Lead in Wound Management, Hayley Ryan, lives and breathes our workplace culture of combining compassion with innovation as she champions wound care for older residents and clients. 


Wounds cost the Australian health system almost $3 billion every year, equating to 2% of total healthcare expenditure, so effective management of wounds can relieve the person in need of wound care as well as the pressure on healthcare providers. Finding strategies to enhance the wellbeing of the people we serve is part of Uniting’s care approach to ensuring best practice and best quality of life. Addressing wound management is part of this approach.


Hayley has been globally recognised for her wound management leadership, presenting a case study on the Uniting ‘Wound Champion’ network at the 2019 European Wound Management Association Conference in Sweden.


We have a strong wound champion team of over 350 people in our aged care homes, community centres, and the Uniting War Memorial Hospital, who interact with me to seek out best practice in wound management and provide optimal care for the people we serve.”

Going above and beyond her duty of care is what makes Hayley both special and a wonderful ambassador for the Uniting values of being compassionate, respectful, imaginative and bold. A pioneer in nursing and wound care, she shows incredible compassion for other nurses, guiding them in a way that makes them feel valued. She extends that same compassion to residents and their families, devising treatment plans that are highly personalised, right down to customising wound dressings to reflect people’s personal tastes such as footy team colours or heart shapes. So it’s no surprise that in FY20, Hayley was a ‘Compassionate’ winner at Uniting’s annual With Heart Awards. Congratulations Hayley, and thank you for everything you do, every day.

Keeping safety real.

Demonstrating her commitment to safety in FY20, Tracey Burton, Uniting’s Executive Director, was interviewed by Board member Liz Nicol for a new podcast called Leading Safety. In the SafetyWorks series, industry leaders share how they practice safety leadership.


During the interview, Tracey shares why safety is so important, her journey to becoming a “loud” safety leader, and a story of a young employee who got hurt due to being so committed to helping clients.


Safety means living well, keeping yourself safe for your life and for others. No job is worth sacrificing who you can be to those that you love.”